HVAC Armor

Our founding principles are built around reducing operating costs, minimizing environmental impact, and maximizing ROI to our customers. HVAC Armor achieves this by:

  • Restoring HVAC Capacity
  • Extending Equipment Lifetime
  • Increasing Energy Efficiency
  • Providing an Excellent ROI
  • Offering a Full Warranty

HVAC Armor products are applied to both new and used equipment, ensuring our clients get the most of their investment. HVAC Armor Technicians are certified to perform this work through an extensive training process to ensure the highest quality application of our technologies. We tailor your coating protection system based on the condition of the coil and the corrosivity of the environment to extend the life cycle of your equipment, in turn saving time and money while delaying capital expenditures.​

HVAC Armor coatings were developed by a team of engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in the HVAC/R side of energy engineering, facility services, and equipment coating technologies. HVAC Armor provides tailored HVAC protection solutions to optimize the performance of our clients' HVAC equipment.

HVAC Armor Services

HVAC Rejuvenation: Cooling Towers & AHUs 
HVAC Armor restores large HVAC systems in-place. While solutions tailored to your facility, we usually inspect, clean, and repair motors, fans, pumps, etc., and disassemble, clean, and repair cabinets. Most aging HVAC systems can be fixed, protected, and recommissioned to operate again at near-manufacturer specifications.


After reassembly, HVAC Armor applies industry leading coating products which provide superior protection from corrosion, fouling, and extreme weather. HVAC Armor offers the leading field-applied corrosion protection coatings. These coatings reject dust and dirt so they are easy to clean, and our low VOC, Direct-to-Metal coatings meet all environmental standards. Typically, the rejuvenation process adds 10 years of useful lifecycle to your system, and they are significantly less expensive than buying and installing new equipment.​

HVAC ​Rejuvenation – Cooling Coils
HVAC Armor's break-thru technology and rejuvenation process measurably improves energy efficiency and cooling capacity in aging HVAC equipment.​

Air-side condensing units transfer heat through the coils, headers, and fins. Fin efficiency declines over time as they become dirty, dented, and corroded.  HVAC Armor technicians provide a thorough cleaning and straighten fins before applying a state-of-the-art polyurethane-based aluminum coating. The coating formula has a high level of aluminum which enhances heat transfer and prevents corrosion. This process substantially reduces energy costs, improves HVAC performance, and often brings the equipment back up to near-original design efficiency.

HVAC Armor can restore the efficiency of your units to near-factory specifications, while effectively extending the useful life of your equipment.  Heat transfer is improved for coils, fins, and headers when they are protected by the HVAC Armor process.

Refrigerant System Optimization (RSO)
HVAC Armor Refrigerant System Optimization (RSO) address the run-time issue of oil build-up in the evaporator and condenser tubes.  Refrigerant systems slowly leak oil which collects on tube walls during normal operations. This oil is a barrier to heat transfer from refrigerant to equipment. Over time, it also restricts flow on the suction side which results in lower system pressure. This often forces HVAC technicians to add refrigerant to balance the system, but it still reduces the energy efficiency of the unit.​

HVAC Armor removes oil layers from the system which end up in the sump or in the drier filter.  The rejuvenation process is completed by replacing the filter and restoring the Manufacturer recommended charge to the system.  All of this results in substantial energy and demand savings. It also extends the life of the equipment.​

HVAC Pipe-Coating Insulation 
HVAC Armor Pipe-Coating Insulation formulas are high performance materials - specially developed waterborne, non-flammable ceramic and resin formulas. These insulating products can reduce surface heat or cold on pipes carrying liquid, gas or steam. Our Pipe-Coating Insulation materials are designed to coat surfaces with a wide range of temperatures, from below freezing to over 900°F (500°C).​

HVAC Coatings for New Equipment
HVAC Armor’s advanced coating technology is widely recognized in the industry. For example, York, Carrier, Trane, and Daikin McQuay all offer HVAC Armor coatings to protect their new equipment. HVAC Armor coatings come with a standard 5-year warrant for new equipment, with an option for an extended warranty.