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Airflow Management Products & Services


TEL and our American dealer network offers state-of-the-art products and services for laboratories and other environments where precise airflow containment and controls are required.​

Turnkey VAV Retrofit Services

The TEL's dealer network in is best known for providing turn-key energy efficiency retrofits of Laboratory and Industrial airflow systems that deliver a safer workplace environment, improved operational performance, and a significant return on investment.

High performance airflow controls are seldom included with new fume hoods, so airflow is rarely optimized. To compensate, some laboratories try to ensure safety by intentionally over-ventilating. Unfortunately, this can have the reverse effect of creating improper and unsafe air circulation patterns. It also adds a lot to the utility bill.

This inefficiency runs against recent developments in the regulatory environment and best practice studies which recommend reducing air exchanges per hour (ACH) in laboratory spaces. TEL can make it easy for you to save money while complying with all applicable guidelines and best practices by acting as a single point of accountability for the development, design, installation, and measurement of savings.

Most of our engagements begin with a comprehensive survey of the existing installation and energy usage. We then prepare a proposal that details the scope of work, cost, annual energy savings, and utility incentives of our proposed solution. Once a solution is agreed upon with the client, we take turnkey responsibility for the design, scheduling, and installation of the new system. We fully commission our projects, provide comprehensive staff training, and offer measurement and verification of the operational savings.

We also provide retro-commissioning and fume hood certification services for new and existing laboratories. No single solution is optimal for every facility: TEL provides our clients with customized control strategies and components so we can satisfy your specific requirements.​

TEL Airflow Management Products

TEL and its dealers distribute the highest quality products:

  • Laboratory VAV Controls and Monitors
  • Auto-Sash Controllers
  • Kitchen Controls
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Monitors​

Laboratory VAV Controls and Monitors

TEL is a leading global designer and manufacturer of airflow controls and monitors. Although often rebranded by fume hood manufacturers, TEL produces the most widely used airflow monitoring technology used in North America​

TEL scientists and engineers are frequently sought-out for consulting services by manufacturers of industrial fume hoods, kitchen hoods, and educational fume hoods; by laboratory companies using fume hoods and biological safety cabinets; and by Environmental Health & Safety professionals world-wide.​

TEL manages the development of cutting-edge VAV controls, auto-sash controllers, and critical environment (ie flameproof) equipment from design to manufacture. These systems are engineered to meet all safety requirements, and they integrate seamlessly with 90% of currently installed airflow monitors. TEL engineering is synonymous with safety, energy efficiency, and cost savings.​

Kitchen Monitors and Controls

telcontrols2.webpTEL products for new kitchen exhaust hoods, and for retrofitting existing Constant Air Volume (CAV) systems into Variable Air Volume (VAV) provide outstanding safety and substantial energy savings for kitchen operations.

Walk-In Refrigeration Controls: 

Monitoring and automation solutions for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems for long-term energy, maintenance, and operations benefits.​

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Monitors

TEL's LEV industrial airflow monitoring products are second-to-none for ensuring worker safety.

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