Project Management

Many of our clients initially chose ECM for our strong reputation, comprehensive solutions, and performance contracting skills, but they stayed with us because ESCOs and facility managers are consistently happy with how our project managers operate. ​

Our Project Managers leverage advanced technology to provide efficient communication, thorough documentation, and punctual close-outs. ECM sends customer surveys after each project to evaluate our performance, and we improve based on what we learn. This has led to big cost reductions and big increases in client and employee satisfaction.

ECM 1-Touch PM™ Advantage

ECM offers an advanced platform to leverage efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction, and improve economics. We call it 1-Touch PM. With our integrated, multi-measure, 1-Touch PM System, our ESCO clients deliver more comprehensive and profitable projects with a better  customer experience for the entire project team.  


By bundling measures, we can economically manage multiple energy efficiency measures. We can also add smaller measures to increase the comprehensiveness of ESCO projects.

​ECM engineers have customized tools to audit for multiple measures on each visit. We deliver highly engineered interactive energy savings models, leverage construction efficiencies, and provide the most M&V data in the industry.

Project Development: ​

  • ECM uses an advanced technology audit and design platform to deliver accurate, transparent information. This GPS-enabled software saves energy engineering time.
  • ECM auditors can evaluate multiple measures for less impact on staff. 
  • ​When ECM develops multiple measures, paybacks are often quicker which can increase project scope. It is common for ECM to offer a 1-5% discount on multiple-measure projects.
  • ​​The ECM rebate and incentive team is well-versed in maximizing financial benefits for our clients.
  • ​​ESCOs save time by giving utility data, drawings, & occupancy data just once.

Facility User-Experience: 

  • ​Cross-measure coordination improves the user-experience for people using facilities during construction. 
  • Integrated warranty management, M&V, and enhanced data result in a more seamless and consistent experience for building owners.


Project Delivery: ​

  • For multi-measure larger projects, ECM provides a Project Director to manage and coordinate on-site operations. ​
  • ECM uses a GPS-enabled project management platform to provide the best data in the industry.​
  • With one Project Director managing multiple measures, ECM implements changes to schedule, scope, and other client directives through one call. ​
  • ECM can efficiently integrate and deliver multiple measures. For example, this easily eliminates overlaps like having multiple electrical subcontractors working around each other in the same space.