Measuring & Verifying

Delivering realistic and cost effective Measurement and Verification (M&V) was one of the primary reasons ECM was founded. Today, there are a lot of new energy conservation measures coming to market, many with great promise, but little sophistication to estimate and measure results. Whether you are an ESCO aiming to increase the size of your projects or a corporate energy manager trying to evaluate them, ECM can assist you through this sometimes time consuming process.

mandv2.webpECM’s extensively trained energy engineers and auditors will work at risk alongside your staff to identify and quantify energy savings utilizing all of our portfolio technologies. Whether during an Investment Grade Audit or during a Preliminary Scoping Study, ECM will be able to deploy our staff to explore and quantify ROI through Building Envelope, Water Conservation, HVAC Rejuvenation, Green IT Solutions and many other measures. Our Energy Engineers will also be able to work with your Project Development team to ensure optimal collaboration and streamlined project development.

After traveling to the site to review building conditions with on-site staff, our ECM Energy Auditors and Engineers will perform a detailed investigation to identify opportunities for energy conservation measures. We will perform detailed building modelling and equipment analysis to estimate the Energy Savings, Total Installed Cost, and Return on Investment to implement any of these projects. This process is developed in such a way that after project implementation, we are able to measure and verify the estimated savings.

Our approach to M&V is to build the most cost effective approach to achieve the level of detail require for any given client. We adhere to the standards established by the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol. We have developed M&V plans for each of our measures and in most cases can deliver Options A, B, C, & D, depending of the mix of measures delivered and the needs of the client.

For us the key to M&V is our ability to customize an approach that meets your need to track results balanced with a cost effective methodology. Please call us today to discuss how we deliver quick-payback, long lasting energy conservations that can be quantified and reported on.