Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Laboratory Environments

Laboratory Environments present some of the most unique and exciting opportunities for conservation due to their complex infrastructure, critical environments, and comprehensive use of utilities. ECM Holding Group’s suite of technologies, our technology vetting process, along with our extensive background in both research and manufacturing environments, provides our clients with a single point of contact for their conservation initiatives. Our proven ability to identify, validate, and implement multiple measures provide a streamlined approach to achieving the most challenging of sustainability goals.

One of the main reasons our clients partner with ECM, is our proven ability to develop methodologies for calculating savings and measuring them after project implementation. Additionally, because our auditors are experienced at identifying multiple measures during our site evaluation, we can often spread the costs of delivery over a larger group of measures.​

Depending on the geographic location and type of building, ECM has a number of potential measures to meet your energy efficiency goals. Our team audits hundreds of buildings a month and implements projects in 45-50 states annually. Whether you are an ESCO or Fortune 500 company with multiple locations, we excel at developing quick payback solutions for you. Additionally, we have a very strong track record of securing custom rebate incentives from many utilities nationwide.

VAV Controls

Fume Hoods: Our VAV fume hood control solution provides a proprietary feature that specifically measures face velocity when managing airflow to insure the highest level of safety for users while maximizing savings. Our controls interface and fast-acting dampers allow the system to provide the minimum airflow, while maintaining safety standards as its’ top priority.

Auto Sash Control: When manual sash closing strategies aren’t effective, ECM’s auto sash solution is extremely flexible, user friendly, and cost effective. It insures our clients will achieve the maximum possible savings from their VAV fume hood control system. 
Other Exhaust: An important aspect of laboratory airflow management is the inclusion of snorkels, bench hoods, and other general exhaust into the overall control strategy. These additional pieces to the airflow puzzle allows ECM to provide the highest level of savings while optimal control of airflow in the lab, creating a dynamic environment that insures compliance and safety at all times. 
Compliance: ECM has in-house certification experts and works with certified airflow testing companies to insure all projects document baseline and post-project airflow levels to insure safety is not only considered, it is maximized.

Other Laboratory Solutions

  • Kitchen Hood Controls – Demand Control Ventilation 
  • Air-Cooled Rooftop Optimization – Refurbish RTU’s to optimize performance
  • Water Conservation – Optimal water treatment and other conservation solutions 
  • Building Envelope Solutions – Insulate cracks and leaks in doorways and warehouses 
  • Refrigeration – Optimization of large cold boxes and freezers 
  • Central Plant & Airside Optimization – Maximize efficiency of core systems 
  • Generator Heating – Reduce cost of maintaining back-up generator temperatures 
  • Advanced Lighting Controls – Maximize savings in laboratory environments through individual fixture management

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