Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Commercial & Industrial

ECM: Partnership Approach to Energy Efficiency

Commercial and Industrial facilities have a wide variety of needs when
it comes to reducing utility expenses. ECM’s partner approach with
both ESCO’s and commercial & industrial users provide our clients with
a wide-range of applications and technologies that they can trust with-
out having to work with multiple vendors. ECM’s suite of technologies,
our professional project delivery process and our extensive background
in many types of commercial and industrial environments, provide our clients with a single point of contact for their conservation initiatives. Our proven ability to identify, validate, and implement multiple measures delivers a streamlined approach to achieving the most challenging of sustainability goals.

ECM: Comprehensive Evaluations (Water / Gas / Electricity)

Depending on the geographic location and type of building, ECM has a number of potential measures to meet your energy efficiency goals. Our auditing teams review hundreds of buildings every month and our project teams implement measures in 45-50 states annually. We also have a very strong track record of securing custom rebate incentives from many utilities nationwide. Because our auditors are experienced at identifying multiple measures during our site evaluation, we can often develop projects with larger scopes at lower costs with very attractive returns on investment. Whether you are an ESCO or Fortune 500 company with multiple locations, we excel at developing quick payback solutions for our clients.

Sample Measures for Commercial and Industrial Facilities…

  • Kitchen Hood Controls – Demand Control Ventilation
  • Air-Cooled Rooftop Optimization – Refurbish RTU’s to optimize performance
  • Water Conservation – Optimal water treatment and other conservation solutions
  • Building Envelope Solutions – Reduce air infiltration, leakage, and solar gain in facilities large and small.
  • Refrigeration – Optimization of large cold boxes and freezers
  • Central Plant & Air-side Optimization – Maximize efficiency of core systems
  • Generator Heating – Reduce cost of maintaining back-up generator temperatures
  • Advanced Lighting Controls – Maximize savings in through individual fixture management

ECM: Project Delivery

Most of our Clients first chose ECM due to our innovative solutions and our ability to quantify savings, but the key to sustaining long-term client relationships rests in our ability to deliver our projects both cost effectively and on schedule. Effective delivery helps ECM continue to provide strong paybacks, even with unpredictable energy markets and constantly shifting utility funding sources. Our systematic approach to delivering cost effective solutions starts with our strong attention to process details, and our experienced, professional Project Managers. These processes utilize technology efficiently to maximize results, providing effective communication thorough documentation and punctual project close-out.

As is the case with renovation and retrofit – stuff happens. What sets ECM apart is our commitment to our clients and dedication to being a part of your team. The most important metric that we look at are the results from our customer surveys that are provided to our clients after each project. Our determination to understand where we can improve has led to a big reduction in our costs and a dramatic increase in our client and employee satisfaction.

Call us today to better understand how ECM can deliver measurable results to your organization.