Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Energy Efficiency Savings Shortfall


Most of the Partners and Business Unit Leaders at ECM spent large part of their prior careers in the ESCO Industry. This knowledge of how the business works enables us to partner with our ESCO clients to deliver larger, more profitable, innovative, comprehensive, and more attractive solutions to their clients.​

We have worked with most ESCO’s and have performed projects for them across the country. Our portfolio of measures has been developed for you to add scope to your projects – regardless of vertical market or geographic location.​

ECM understands the performance contracting industry.

QUOTE FROM an ECM client

"We had a major savings shortfall in one of our large university projects. Our contract allowed us to implement additional measures to make up the difference. ECM, through its Green IT Solutions Group, was able to develop a power management solutions that backfilled that shortfall and was nearly entirely paid for through utility rebates. Our ability to step in and address this has led to another phase of work with this important client"

Business Developement Manager - Major Midwestern ESCO