Comprehensive Energy Solutions

ECM is an ESCO Contractor

escosolutions.webpMost of the Partners and Business Unit Leaders at ECM spent large part of their prior careers in the ESCO Industry. This knowledge of how the business works enables us to partner with our ESCO clients to deliver larger, more profitable, innovative, comprehensive, and more attractive solutions to their clients.

We have worked with most ESCO’s and have performed projects for them across the country. Our portfolio of measures has been developed for you to add scope to your projects – regardless of vertical market or geographic location.

We start with a firm commitment to supporting ESCO’s during the entire sales process – from preliminary study through investment grade audit. During that audit we work at risk alongside you, unless we are driven by our clients otherwise. As part of the audit, we will deliver a proposal that includes sales support information about our measures, scope details, pricing break-outs, and savings estimates along with calculation methodologies and M&V options.

Once you go to contract, our team of Project Managers bring a great deal of experience to your team and perform in a professional manner with one goal, the return of a high rated post construction survey from our ESCO client! We do this through our leveraging of technology to communicate well, document properly, and close-out projects in a timely proficient process.

Finally, our team will work with your Performance Assurance Engineers to craft a customized M&V plan. Most of our measures are highly measurable and even if you are providing Option A M&V to your clients, we have low cost Option B plans that can be cost effectively delivered to demonstrate your performance to your client.

If you work for an ESCO, there is a very good chance that we have worked with your company, maybe even your office location. If not, we would welcome an opportunity to share more with you about what we have done for your company elsewhere and what we could do for you given your geographic location.


"ECM was built to deliver ESCO caliber specialty contracting. Most of our team started in the ESCO industry and because of this, we know how to deliver projects with our ESCO clients in mind."

Chris Boysen, Vice President of ECM Holding Group