AQUA Energy - Renovation

AQUA Energy delivers practical, cost-effective water renovations for lasting energy efficiency. We work with a broad spectrum of clients to create efficiencies in their hospitals, schools, universities, office buildings, correctional facilities, state and federal facilities, etc.


Piping & Plumbing
Aqua Energy provides comprehensive  plumbing and piping services for a wide variety of large projects. Our expertise encompasses the full range of above and below-ground plumbing.

Secure Toilets & Urinals, Faucets & Showers
Aqua provides basic plumbing and also specializes in waterworks for secure facilities. We approach each project as unique. We identify the special elements required to make each individual project successful. 

Water Heaters & Boilers
The variety of heating equipment has never been greater. Aqua can install and help design systems as needed. 

Line Hydro Jetting
When we find blockages, we use a state-of-the-art technique called hydro-jetting. The hydro-jetting equipment sends water at high pressure through the line to clear built-up sludge and foreign objects that may be obstructing flow.

High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures
Replace inefficient toilets, urinal, faucets and showerhead with ultra-low flow or water-conserving units.